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Why Should I Learn Linux?

linux is the best platform to transform oneself to shift their career with new technologies

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Why Should I Learn AWS?​

AWS is the power house and demanding cloud platform to enhance skills with top trending technologies.

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Free Training

SixthStar’s provides a training program at ₹0 upfront cost via an interactive classroom experience.

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Empowering students with knowledge and making them strong to handle challenges at multiple stages.



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Basics Linux

The Linux kernel is at the core of the operating system, and various distros. Popular distros include Ubuntu.

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Advanced Linux

Advanced Linux users typically have a deep understanding of the operating system's to optimize their workflows.

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Basics AWS

Amazon Web Services is a cloud computing platform that provides a wide range of services to individuals and business.

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Advanced AWS

Advanced AWS users typically have a vast understanding of the platform's inner workings and are proficient.